The font named GhostTown, created by SWFTE International, draws inspiration from the eerie, abandoned aesthetic often associated with ghost towns. This font has a distinctive character, blending elements of the Wild West with a touch of the supernatural, making it particularly suitable for projects that aim to evoke a sense of mystery, spookiness, or historical adventure.
GhostTown's design likely features characters that appear weathered or distressed, embodying the essence of decay and neglect found in abandoned settlements. Each letter might have unique traits, such as slightly eroded edges or a skewed form, to mimic the uneven, time-worn surfaces of ghost town structures. This strategic imperfection in letterforms adds to the font's charm, making it ideal for storytelling, thematic event promotions, or branding for products that wish to convey a sense of age, history, or intrigue.
The font could be versatile in application, seamlessly fitting into graphic designs for horror-themed events, rustic product labels, or adventurous video game titles. Despite its potentially niche appeal, the adaptability of GhostTown allows for creative uses beyond the obvious, including artistic endeavors that require a font with a strong personality and visual impact. Its ability to convey a story through text alone makes GhostTown a valuable asset for designers and artists looking to add a layer of depth and atmosphere to their projects.
Character map
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GhostTown back to earth.

LOL - is that the same as - that I just found?


Yes yes yes ... because the thing was - almost - impossible to find out there and there doesn't seem to be an original available I posted it.


Unknown license
102 glyphs
Copyright ©1986-1995 SWFTE International, Ltd. All rights reserved.. SWFTE:GhostTown Regular. GhostTown. Rev. 003.000. GhostTownRegularSWFTE. GhostTown is a trademark of SWFTE International, Ltd.
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