Imagine stepping into a comic book universe where every corner hides unseen perils and unforeseen heroes – this is where the "Super Danger" font by Last Soundtrack takes its stand, bold and unflinching. Crafted by the enigmatic entity known as Last Soundtrack, "Super Danger" leaps off the page with the poise of a seasoned superhero, daring and ready for action.
Picture the letters themselves clad in capes, striking poses atop skyscrapers under the cover of night. Each character in the "Super Danger" font boasts exaggerated shapes and sharp, dynamic edges, evoking the dramatic flair of vintage comic book covers and the explosive impact of action words – BAM! POW! ZAP! – that punctuate thrilling narratives. This font doesn’t just speak; it shouts, it exclaims, it resonates with the echoing intensity of a hero's call to arms.
What sets "Super Danger" apart is its undeniably playful spirit, mingled with a touch of nostalgia for the golden age of comic books. It's the font you turn to when your text needs to pack a punch, to stand up and demand attention. Whether you're crafting a poster for a cosplay event, designing the logo for a new line of action figures, or simply sending out invitations for your superhero-themed birthday party, "Super Danger" comes to the rescue, ensuring your message is not just seen, but felt. In a world that too often whispers, "Super Danger" is a font that chooses to roar.
Character map
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super danger

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72 glyphs
sper danger © GYOMSEGS 2006. All Rights Reserved. super danger:Version 1.00. super danger. Version 1.00 August 24, 2006, initial release. superdanger. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from
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