The DS Crystal font, designed by Nikolay Dubina, is an enchanting and visually captivating typeface that appears as if it's been carved straight out of a whimsical fantasy world. Its unique design is emblematic of the crystalline structures its name suggests, exhibiting sharp angles and geometric precision that collectively mimic the facets and sparkle of crystals.
Each character within the DS Crystal font arduously maintains a delicate balance between elegance and structural complexity. The letters are designed in such a way that they encapsulate both the robustness of natural crystals and the fragility of glass art. This duality makes the font not only beautiful but also highly versatile, capable of adding a special touch to various design projects, ranging from logos and titles to posters and digital art pieces.
Moreover, Nikolay Dubina's creation does not compromise on readability for the sake of aesthetics. Despite its ornamental nature, DS Crystal remains surprisingly legible, making it practical for more than just decorative use. Its distinct appearance allows it to stand out, making any text instantly more memorable and engaging.
In essence, DS Crystal is a typeface that speaks volumes of the creativity and meticulous craftsmanship of its designer. It transcends the traditional boundaries of font design, presenting itself not merely as a tool for text but as a work of art that can enhance and elevate the visual impact of any project it graces.
Character map
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DS Crystal

Unknown license
242 glyphs
Copyright (c) Dubina Nikolay | D-Studio (Moscow) -, 2000. All rights reserved.. DubinaNikolay|D-Studio(Moscow) DS Crystal: 2000. DS Crystal. Version 1.0; 2000; initial release. DSCrystal. DS Crystal is a trademark of the Dubina Nikolay | D-Studio (Moscow) - Dubina Nikolay. Imitation of font fluid crystalline display.
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