The gAbAcHiTA FFP font by deFharo is a typography that immediately captivates the eye with its unique and innovative design. This font falls within the category of fonts that not only serve the practical purpose of communication but also double as a form of art, bringing a distinctive character to any design project it graces. Created by the Spanish designer Fernando Haro, gAbAcHiTA FFP embodies a fresh and vibrant aesthetic, reflecting the designer's meticulous attention to detail and passion for innovation in typography.
At its core, gAbAcHiTA FFP is a display font, which means it's primarily suitable for use in titles, headings, and any application where it can stand out and make a bold statement. Its design intricately balances between playful and serious tones, making it versatile for a variety of projects, from creative branding and advertising to engaging editorial design. Each letter boasts a personality of its own, with curves and lines that flirt between geometric precision and a hand-drawn feel, inviting viewers to engage with the text on a more intimate level.
What sets gAbAcHiTA FFP apart from other fonts is its ability to evoke emotion and connect with the audience. This feature is fundamental in projects that aim to create an experience or convey a message that resonates on a personal level. Moreover, the font includes various weights and styles, offering designers the flexibility to experiment with different hierarchies and emphasis within their typography.
In essence, gAbAcHiTA FFP by deFharo is not just a font but an artistic tool that welcomes creativity and expression. Its distinctiveness encourages designers to explore new horizons in typography, making their work stand out. Whether used for a whimsical book cover, an engaging poster, or impactful branding, gAbAcHiTA FFP brings a touch of uniqueness and depth, proving that the right font can transform words from simple text to compelling visual narrations.
Character map
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Nueva tipografía sans hiper comprimida en minúsculas, con funciones OTF para diseño gráfico.


New sans and hyper compressed lowercase typography, with OTF functions for graphic design.


• Descarga gratis las versión completa desde mi web.

• Números disponibles en mi web.

• Sólo para uso personal.

• Free download the full version in my website.

• Numbers available on my website.

• Only for personal use.

• Licencia comercial disponible / Available commercial license.>> Gabachita Hiper Sans Font


Personal use only
406 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2014 by deFharo. All rights reserved.. deFharo: gAbAcHiTA FFP: 2014. gAbAcHiTA-FFP. Version 2.001. gAbAcHiTA FFP is a trademark of deFharo.. deFharo. Tipograf\xd8\x60Sans Hiper comprimida en min곣ulas con acabado redondeado. Descarga gratis la versi㮠completa de la fuente en:ᯭgrafico/tipografia/gabachita-font/ Get a free full font at Gratis s㬯 para uso personal (FFP), si quiere obtener una licencia comercial por favor visite mi web Personal use only (FFP)! Please visit to get a commercial license. Leer / Read: gAbAcHiTA FFP. Regular
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