Obcecada Serif, a creation by the talented designer deFharo, is an embodiment of both creativity and functionality in the realm of typography. This typeface stands out with its unique blend of classic serif elegance and contemporary twist, making it a versatile choice for various design projects.
The defining characteristic of Obcecada Serif is its intricate balance between the traditional serif sensibilities and modern design nuances. The font features serifs that are pronounced yet refined, giving it a sophisticated and authoritative presence. This is coupled with subtle design elements that introduce a fresh, modern flair. For example, certain characters may display unique curves or slightly unconventional structures, injecting a sense of personality and distinctiveness into the text.
Obcecada Serif’s design supports a wide range of weights, enabling it to adapt to different contexts and purposes. From light, delicate impressions to bold, impactful statements, this font can deliver a diverse spectrum of tones, making it incredibly useful for designers who want to communicate specific moods or messages through typography.
The versatility of Obcecada Serif extends to its application across various mediums. Whether it's for print materials such as books, magazines, and posters, or digital formats like websites and apps, this font maintains its readability and aesthetic appeal. Its ability to blend into different design landscapes, coupled with the distinctive touch it provides, makes Obcecada Serif a favored choice among designers seeking to add depth and character to their projects.
Overall, Obcecada Serif by deFharo is a testament to the power of combining classical typographic principles with contemporary design elements. Its balance of elegance, uniqueness, and versatility makes it a valuable asset for any design project aiming to stand out while maintaining a high level of sophistication.
Character map
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Obcecada Serif

Personal use only
401 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2015 by deFharo. All rights reserved.. deFharo: Obcecada Serif: 2015. Obcecada-Serif. Version 1.043. Obcecada Sans is a trademark of deFharo.. deFharo. Fernando Haro. http://defharo.com/fuentes-y-letras-gratis-para-bajar/. http://defharo.com. Gratis para uso personal (FFP), si quiere obtener una licencia comercial por favor visite mi web defharo.com. Personal use only (FFP)! Please visit www.defharo.com to buy a commercial license: http://wp.me/p11PzK-1GD READ: http://defharo.com/terms-and-conditions-commercial-fonts/ Leer / Read: http://defharo.com/product-usage-agreement-ffp/. http://defharo.com/free-for-personal-use-license/. Obcecada Serif. Regular
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