PR Agamemnon is a captivating and distinctive font meticulously crafted by the acclaimed Castles & Crypts. This font stands out due to its unique blend of ancient inspiration and modern design elements, making it an exceptional choice for a diverse range of creative applications.
Drawing its name from the legendary Greek king Agamemnon, this typeface embodies characteristics reminiscent of historical scripts, yet it's rendered with a contemporary flair. The font features a harmonious balance between sharp and rounded edges, symbolizing the blend of strength and elegance. Its slightly angular serifs and the subtle variation in stroke width evoke a sense of classical inscriptions, while the clear, legible forms ensure modern applicability.
PR Agamemnon’s character set is designed to support a wide array of languages, making it versatile and universally accessible. Moreover, it includes a variety of weights and styles, providing ample flexibility for designers to experiment with hierarchy and emphasis in their projects. From captivating headlines to immersive storytelling in body text, PR Agamemnon is equipped to deliver an impactful message.
Whether applied to book design, branding, or digital media, PR Agamemnon by Castles & Crypts offers an intriguing blend of historic charm and contemporary sophistication. Its carefully crafted details and rich character make it a go-to font for projects that aim to stir curiosity and command attention.
Character map
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PR Agamemnon

Unknown license
262 glyphs, 6 kerning pairs
Linkware, © 2007 Peter Rempel, free for personal use.. Agamemnon Top Line. PR Agamemnon Bold, Top Lining. PRAgamemnonBoldTopLining
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Zip contains 20 files
120 x 600 px
36.6 kB
About the artist.txt1.21 kB
Agamemnon.txt662 B
PR Linkware License.txt1.11 kB
300 x 181 px
10.8 kB
300 x 231 px
13.1 kB
300 x 63 px
3.5 kB
catalogue.html14.9 kB
300 x 172 px
10.6 kB
300 x 133 px
9.48 kB
800 x 205 px
53.6 kB
514 x 108 px
9.44 kB
575 x 142 px
21 kB
300 x 46 px
3.16 kB
225 x 260 px
5.22 kB
300 x 156 px
9.96 kB
600 x 108 px
3.85 kB
300 x 452 px
31.1 kB
500 x 152 px
11.6 kB
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