Intruder Alert, designed by the enigmatic and creative entity known as Starving-4, is not merely a font but a symphony of design that speaks volumes of its creator's ingenuity. This artistic endeavor bridges the gap between the written word and visual imagery, crafting a narrative that is both compelling and audaciously unique. It stands as a beacon for those who dare to tread the path less traveled in typography, pushing the boundaries of conventional design.
At its core, Intruder Alert embodies a sense of urgency and boldness. The characters are crafted with an edgy finesse, each stroke and curve meticulously designed to capture the essence of an alert, much like a sudden knock in the quiet of the night or the blaring of a siren that slices through silence. The font activates the senses, compelling the viewer to pay attention, to decipher the underlying messages encoded within its design. It speaks in a voice that cannot be ignored, a voice that demands to be heard.
Despite its commanding presence, Intruder Alert is imbued with a layer of sophistication and depth that invites exploration and interpretation. Each character is a testament to Starving-4's skillful blending of form and function, where aesthetics meet practicality in a dance of visual delight. This font is versatile, finding its place across various mediums—from the digital screens of cyber realms to the tactile pages of printed works. It embodies a spirit of rebellion against the mundane, challenging creators to rethink their approach to communication.
Intruder Alert, in summary, is not just a font. It is a statement, a movement, an Intruder in the realm of typography that refuses to conform. Crafted by Starving-4, it stands as a testament to the power of creative freedom and the impact of design that dares to defy expectations.
Character map
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Intruder Alert

Unknown license
220 glyphs
Intruder Alert © Starving-4 Entertainment. 2002. This font is licensed under the terms of the Design Science Licence: IntruderAlert : Starving-4 Entertainment, (C) 2003. IntruderAlert. Version 1.0, August 2, 2003. Intruder Alert is an unregistered trademark of Starving-4 Entertainment.. Objets Dart. Darren Rigby. Template.
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