Cyrillic Old Face, a font steeped in historical charm and artistic elegance, is a remarkable representation of the rich typographical heritage that stems from the Cyrillic script. This particular typeface, designed to reflect the stylistic nuances and aesthetic sensibilities of early Cyrillic calligraphy and print, embodies a blend of tradition and the meticulous craftsmanship of type designers who aim to preserve the essence of historical texts while adapting them for contemporary use.
The character set of Cyrillic Old Face is meticulously crafted, featuring distinctively shaped letters that hark back to a period when typographers and scribes were guided by the intricacies of hand-drawn forms. Each letter appears to carry a story within its lines and curves, evoking the time-honored tradition of Cyrillic manuscript writing and early book printing. The typeface pays homage to the past by incorporating features like varying stroke widths, subtle decorative elements, and character forms that might have been common in historical manuscripts and printed materials.
What sets Cyrillic Old Face apart is not just its visual appeal and historical accuracy but also its versatility and functionality in modern design contexts. While it beautifully captures the essence of the past, it has been adapted to meet the needs of contemporary typography, ensuring legibility and clarity across various media. Designers might find it particularly suitable for projects that require a touch of elegance, nostalgia, or a distinct connection to Slavic history and culture. Cyrillic Old Face is more than just a typeface; it's a bridge between the rich typographic traditions of the Cyrillic script and the demands of today's diverse and dynamic design landscape.
Character map
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Cyrillic Old Face

Unknown license
243 glyphs
Composed by David Zbíral. Acknowledgements: The Cyrillic Old Face True Type font is based on Kirillica Wincyr submitted by Christoph Singer. Kirillica Wincyr itself is based on Evangelje font from Dr. Berlin’s Foreign Font Archive.. Cyrillic Old Face:Version 1.011. Cyrillic Old Face. Version 1.011. CyrillicOldFace. Composed by David Zbíral. Acknowledgements: this font is based on Kirillica Wincyr submitted by Christoph Singer.. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from prěžde ubo slověne ne iměahą kúnigú
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