The Kingthings Annex font is an intriguing typeface developed by the talented font designer Kevin King, who operates under the name Kingthings. This font is part of the larger Kingthings font family, which is well-regarded for its unique artistic flair and distinctive character designs. The Kingthings fonts often explore the boundaries of type design, incorporating intricate details and unusual elements that make them stand out from more conventional typefaces.
Kingthings Annex, in particular, is a testament to this creative endeavor. It is a font that carries a certain medieval or gothic essence, yet it is designed with a modern touch that makes it versatile for contemporary use. The characters in Kingthings Annex are carefully crafted, featuring ornate details and decorative elements that give it a regal and antique appearance. Each letter seems to tell a story, imbued with a personality that is both mysterious and charismatic.
This font pays homage to traditional calligraphy while embracing the possibilities offered by modern font design. It strikes a balance between the old and the new, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From formal invitations and event branding to book covers and creative projects, Kingthings Annex can add a touch of elegance and sophistication. It's a typeface that demands attention, inviting readers to delve deeper into the text it adorns.
Despite its decorative nature, Kingthings Annex remains highly legible, a trait not always found in fonts of its kind. This makes it not only a beautiful choice for titles and headlines but also practical for longer texts where readability is key. The ambition behind Kingthings Annex, as with all Kingthings fonts, is to provide designers with tools that inspire creativity and bring a unique voice to their work. It embodies the spirit of craftsmanship in typography, where every stroke and curve serves a purpose, marrying beauty with functionality.
Character map
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flowers, roots, plants, leaves, leafs

Kingthings Annex

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107 glyphs, 27 kerning pairs
Typeface by Kevin King - Kingthings 1981 - 2004. All Rights Reserved. Kingthings Annex:1981, 2004. Kingthings Annex. Version 1.0, 2004. Kingthings Annex is a registered trademark of Kingthings.. Kingthings. Kevin King, Exeter 2003. An 'organic style font originally designed in 1981.
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