As of my last update in early 2023, P Funked is not a widely recognized or documented font in major typographic resources or among well-known font collections. However, given the name and assuming its creation by Kibit Productions—a detail that suggests it might be a custom or niche design—the font likely embodies characteristics inspired by the funk genre, both musically and culturally. The name itself suggests a playful, energetic, and perhaps unconventional style, reminiscent of the funk movement that is known for its groovy basslines, punchy rhythms, and a flair for the dramatic and the colorful.
In visualizing P Funked based on its name and assumed origins, one could imagine a font that combines retro funk aesthetics with modern design sensibilities. It might feature bold, rounded letters that convey movement and rhythm, potentially incorporating elements like varying baseline heights or unexpected angles to capture the dynamic essence of funk music. The character shapes could be reminiscent of typographic styles popular in the 70s, when funk was at its peak, yet refined to suit contemporary tastes.
It's also plausible that P Funked would include unique design touches such as stylized letterforms with elements mimicking musical instruments or notes, adding to its thematic charm. The color palette for any promotional material or usage of the font may lean towards vibrant, saturated hues—fuschias, oranges, yellows, and deep purples—tying back to the flamboyant and expressive fashion trends associated with the funk era.
In the context of usability and application, P Funked would likely shine in projects that aim to evoke a sense of fun, energy, and nostalgia. This could range from music festival branding, album art for funk-inspired music, promotional materials for events with a retro theme, to more playful and creative digital or print projects.
Without specific visuals or a detailed description from Kibit Productions, this interpretation is speculative and based on the thematic expectations set by the name and presumed background of P Funked. The actual design may vary, but it undoubtedly serves as an intriguing concept for a font inspired by the rich and vibrant culture of funk music.
Character map
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P Funked

Unknown license
81 glyphs
Re-created especially for LiquidPanther ©2001 Kibit Productions. Parliament. P Funked. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 8/31/2001. PFunked. Made especially for Marc McCoy by Cindy
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