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  1. Alright by K-Type 20.00 USD
    Alright is a cursive font is based on the handwriting alphabets used in education, but with modern short ascenders and descenders.

  2. Sana Sans by Latinotype 29.00 USD
    Sana Sans is a humanist functional typeface with a modern feel. It is intended to be a face well-suited for multiple purposes, especially in publishing. Sana Sans looks perfectly legible and clean in long texts, and neat and simple in headlines. Thanks to its versatility, this font is also ideal for both screen and print usage.

  3. Wade Sans Light by ITC 35.00 USD
    Wade Sans Light was designed by Paul Hickson and published by ITC. Wade Sans Light contains 1 style.

  4. Flight by ITC 35.00 USD
    Flight was designed by Timothy Donaldson and published by ITC. Flight contains 2 styles and family package options.

  5. Slight by Up Up Creative 26.00 USD
    Introducing Slight, an elegant, full-featured script font with tons of alternate characters and OpenType features. Hand-lettered with a heavy right slant, Slight is particularly well-suited for invitations, branding, and editorial design.

  6. Wright by Latinotype 29.00 USD
    Wright is a sans-serif geometric typeface inspired by the lettering found on modernist building plans. An elegant small x-height, tall ascenders and wide capital letters make the font look great in titles and short paragraphs.Wright consists of 4 subfamilies, each in 6 weights plus italics—48 fonts in all. Its wide range of alternates and ligatures make it an ideal workhorse suitable for a variety of projects and give your designs a stylish appearance and unique look.As you would expect from Latinotype, this font comes with a standard set of 800 characters and supports over 200 Latin-based languages.

  7. Brightness by Black Studio 15.00 USD
    Brightness Script - new, fresh, cute, catchy, funny calligraphy font with relatable heart. Perfect for greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters and more!Brightness Script - includes many alternative characters. Coded with Unicode PUA, which allows full access to all additional characters without having any special design software. Mac users can use Font Book. Windows users can use the Character Map to view and copy any of the additional characters to paste into your favorite text editor. For people who have opentype-capable software: Alternatives can be accessed by turning on the "Alternative" and "Ligature" buttons on Photoshop's Character panel, or via any software with a glyph panel, eg. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, Inkscape.Thank you for purchasing!

  8. Alight Slab by Eclectotype 40.00 USD
    Alight Slab is, wait for it... A light slab! Designed to be set large, in headlines or subheads and (very) short paragraphs of running text. It has slightly super-eliptical forms and crisp details, giving it a contemporary look.Alight Slab features automatic fractions, a discretionary ct ligature, and a capital sharp s.

  9. Typo Upright by Bitstream 29.00 USD
    A faithful reproduction of the common French Ronde of the nineteenth century; the design originates at the Inland Typefoundry in St. Louis as French Script and was revised by Morris Fuller Benton in 1905 and made popular by ATF under the name Typo Upright. Stephenson Blake also had a version available as Parisian Ronde.

  10. User Upright by DSType 30.00 USD
    User is a monospaced type family with 30 styles, from Hairline to Bold, divided in Regular, Upright and Stencil, with five weights (Hairline, ExtraLight, Light, Medium and Bold) all with Cameo versions. Complexity and versatility are the keywords for this type family. Despite being a monospaced font, which means there's no kerning, all the glyphs were designed in order to sit comfortably in the 600 points width, a hard task because some glyphs are too narrow ('i' and 'l'), while others are too wide ('m' and 'w'), but they must fit the same width. The desire for keeping a comfortable readability in User was one of the key elements, therefore we designed several ligatures that fit both single and double space width, allowing to maintain a certain idea of proportional design. In this digital booklet you will find a detailed vision of the anatomy of the typefaces, the amount of characters available, the styles and weights, along with a series of features, specially designed to make User a very versatile and usable type system.

  11. Gill Sans by Monotype 35.00 USD
    Gill Sans is a humanistic sans serif family that, while is considered by many to be quintessentially British in tone and concept, has been used in virtually every country and in nearly every application imaginable. Gill Sans has reached this level of near-ubiquity for one simple—and very good—reason: it is an exceptionally distinctive design with a potential range of use that is almost limitless.

  12. Prima Sans by Bitstream 29.00 USD
    Prima is a series of fonts designed at Bitstream by Jim Lyles (Sans and Serif) and Sue Zafarana (Sans Mono), released in 1998.

  13. Charlotte Sans by ITC 35.00 USD
    Charlotte Sans was designed by Michael Gills and published by ITC. Charlotte Sans contains 4 styles and family package options.

  14. Claude Sans by ITC 35.00 USD
    Claude Sans was designed by Alan Meeks and published by ITC. Claude Sans contains 4 styles and family package options.

  15. San Marco by Linotype 35.00 USD
    San Marco is a part of the 1990 program “Type before Gutenberg”, which included the work of twelve contemporary font designers and represented styles from across the ages. Linotype offers a package including all these fonts on its web page, www.fonts.de. San Marco was designed by Karlgeorg Hoefer and brings to mind the style of the Italian Gothic found on the cathedrals of Milan and Florence as well as on the facade of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice. Its highly stylized characters make San Marco a good choice for extravagant typography.

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