As of my last update in April 2023, Jacinto Sans, a creation of WhoAmI Design, manifests as a unique blend of function and creativity within the typographic realm. This typeface stands out as a refined sans-serif, characterized by its versatility and contemporary flair. Its design philosophy converges on clarity and usability, making it a superb choice for a myriad of applications, ranging from digital interfaces to print media.
The geometric foundation of Jacinto Sans is softened by subtle humanist touches, creating a friendly yet professional appearance. Its letterforms possess a dynamic balance, with open apertures and a generous x-height improving legibility at various sizes. This characteristic ensures that Jacinto Sans performs equally well in body text as it does in headlines, providing designers with a tool that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
WhoAmI Design has paid meticulous attention to detail in crafting this font. Each weight of Jacinto Sans—from the lightest to the boldest—maintains the essence of the design, ensuring a cohesive visual hierarchy in typographic compositions. The inclusion of italics, with their thoughtfully considered slant and form, add versatility, allowing for nuanced expression within text. Moreover, the typeface includes a range of glyphs to support multiple languages and specialist characters, making it a thoughtful choice for international projects.
In sum, Jacinto Sans embodies a modern sans-serif with a heart rooted in design pragmatism and an eye towards the future. Its creation by WhoAmI Design speaks to a dedication to quality and utility in typography. Whether for branding, editorial design, or user interfaces, Jacinto Sans presents a fresh, yet solid foundation to convey messages with clarity and visual harmony.
Character map
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Gears of War font

Jacinto Sans

Unknown license
123 glyphs, 109 kerning pairs ­ ­ Version 2, March 2008. Fontographer 4.7 Jacinto Sans. Jacinto Sans. Fontographer 4.7 9/3/08 FG4M­0000002045. JacintoSans
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