Covington Condensed, designed by Apostrophic Labs, is a versatile and elegant font that seamlessly blends classic charm with modern sophistication. This typeface stands out for its condensed nature, which brings a distinctive clean and sharp appearance to text, making it highly legible even at smaller sizes. It’s an adaptation of the original Covington series, inheriting its foundational characteristics but with a narrower footprint, allowing for efficient space utilization without sacrificing readability or aesthetics.
The font exhibits a dynamic range of weights, from light to bold, enabling designers to create hierarchical text structures and emphasize particular segments of content effectively. Its characters display a harmonious balance between straight lines and subtle curves, adding a touch of elegance to its overall geometric structure. This blend of design elements makes Covington Condensed a great choice for various design projects, including web design, print materials, and branding efforts, where making a strong visual statement is key.
What sets Covington Condensed apart is its universal appeal. It can adapt to both formal and casual contexts, thanks to its clean, uncluttered design. Whether it's used for body text in a corporate report or to add a touch of sophistication to a wedding invitation, Covington Condensed maintains a distinct presence that enhances the visual narrative. Apostrophic Labs has indeed created a font that balances functionality with style, making Covington Condensed a valuable addition to any designer’s toolkit.
Character map
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Covington Cond

Unknown license
219 glyphs, 169 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) Derek Vogelpohl, 2001. All rights reserved.. DerekVogelpohl: Covington Cond: 2001. Covington Cond. Version 1.0; 2001; initial release. CovingtonCond. Covington - Cond is a trademark of Apostrophic Laboratories.. Derek Vogelpohl. Copyright (c) Derek Vogelpohl, 2001. All rights reserved. Covington - Cond is a trademark of Apostrophic Laboratories.
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