Dragonwick is a typeface that seems to whisk you away to an era of fantasy and enchantment. With its distinctive personality, it calls to mind the majestic presence of dragons, embodying an aura of ancient magic and mystery. This font is characterized by its decorative features, flamboyant flourishes, and an elegant yet adventurous spirit that sets it apart from more conventional typefaces.
The letters in Dragonwick possess a unique flair, meticulously designed to capture the imagination. Each character appears to have been crafted with a purpose, bearing elongated serifs and sharp, precise edges that mimic the mythical elegance and power of dragons. The capital letters are particularly striking, often adorned with elaborate swirls and intricate details reminiscent of medieval artistry, adding a touch of nobility and old-world charm.
Dragonwick's appeal lies in its versatility and emotional impact. It can instantly elevate a project by infusing it with a sense of wonder and grandeur. Whether used for book titles, movie posters, or themed invitations, this font commands attention and engenders an immediate connection with tales of yore and legendary adventures. Its whimsical yet bold nature makes it perfect for projects that aim to leave a lasting impression, stirring the imagination and beckoning viewers into a world where dragons soar through the skies, and magic is just around the corner.
Character map
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Unknown license
78 glyphs, 256 kerning pairs
Copyright 1991, Atech Software, Carlsbad CA . ALLTYPE:Dragonwick Regular:ATECH. Dragonwick. Converted from c:\2-lbattf\DRAGONWI.TF1 by ALLTYPE
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