The Distant Galaxy Outline font by ShyFoundry, with its futuristic and cosmic allure, takes you on a journey through space and time, evoking the feeling of exploring distant galaxies and engaging in interstellar adventures. This font is a creative interpretation of the kind of lettering one might find in the titles and credits of science fiction movies, books, and games. It embodies a blend of both the nostalgic retro vibes from classic sci-fi and the sleek, forward-looking aspirations of modern space exploration.
The design of Distant Galaxy Outline is characterized by its clean, outlined letters that seem to float effortlessly, capturing the vastness and emptiness of space. The strokes of each character are constructed in a way that they evoke the sleek and streamlined aesthetics of space shuttles, with sharp angles and smooth curves that convey motion and dynamism. This outline style contributes to a visual lightness, making it perfectly suited for titles, headings, and any application where a touch of the extraterrestrial is desired.
Notably, the font’s unique styling includes creative takes on traditional letterforms, incorporating elements that remind one of alien symbols and unknown languages from far-off worlds. This imaginative flair adds an element of mystery and intrigue, inviting viewers to ponder what stories might be told in such a curious script. Despite its fantastical inspirations, Distant Galaxy Outline remains highly legible, maintaining a balance between decorative intricacy and functional clarity.
Distant Galaxy Outline by ShyFoundry, therefore, is not just a font but an invitation to dream and design with the cosmos in mind. It is particularly beloved by graphic designers, filmmakers, and sci-fi enthusiasts who seek to infuse their projects with a sense of adventure and exploration beyond our earthly confines. Whether used for a movie poster, a book cover, or an event invitation, this font promises to add an interstellar touch that captivates and inspires.
Character map
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Distant Galaxy Outline

Unknown license
89 glyphs, 412 kerning pairs
v1.2 Created by ShyWedge, 1999.. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 Distant Galaxy Outline. Distant Galaxy Outline. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 1/20/99. DistantGalaxyOutline
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