BackSplatter, created by the inventive Rev. Josh Wilhelm, is a distinctive font that embodies a raw, and somewhat rebellious, energy. Its design appears as if it were the product of ink or paint being forcefully splattered across a surface, which then formed into legible characters. This chaotic yet surprisingly coherent style speaks volumes of its punk and grunge inspirations, making it an excellent choice for projects aiming to convey an edgy, unconventional, or artistic narrative.
Each letter within the BackSplatter font appears as a standalone work of art, characterized by unpredictable splashes and drips that suggest a spontaneous, almost accidental creation. Despite its seemingly disordered nature, there's a rhythm and balance to the font that allows for readability, a testament to Rev. Josh Wilhelm's skill in crafting a typeface that walks the fine line between anarchic expression and functional design.
The font's aesthetic makes it particularly suited for use in music industry materials, especially within genres that align with its gritty and raw vibes such as punk, metal, grunge, or indie. It's also a perfect choice for posters, album covers, event invites, or any artwork that seeks to challenge the norm and stand out. The essence of BackSplatter lies in its ability to infuse projects with an attitude that's both aggressive and captivating, making it a powerful tool for designers looking to make a bold statement.
Character map
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Unknown license
94 glyphs
(c) Rev. Josh Wilhelm, 1997. BackSplatter Drippy. Version #2. BackSplatter DrippyPS
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