The font Imperator by Paul Lloyd Fonts embodies a striking elegance mixed with a touch of historical allure, making it a distinctive choice for various design projects. Created by Paul Lloyd, a designer known for his prolific work and keen interest in reviving historical typefaces with contemporary flair, Imperator is no exception. This font taps into the rich heritage of Roman and classical design motifs, infusing them with modern sensibilities to meet the needs of today's design enthusiasts.
Imperator is characterized by its sharp serifs and robust structure, offering a regal and authoritative presence on the page or screen. Its design intricately balances weight and form, ensuring legibility and visual impact even at smaller sizes. Each character in the Imperator font family has been meticulously crafted, boasting ample personality and attention to detail. This makes Imperator an excellent choice for titles, headings, and any application where a touch of sophistication and historical gravitas is desired.
Additionally, the Imperator font encompasses a versatility that allows it to seamlessly integrate into a diverse array of design projects. From print to digital media, its timeless elegance shines through, whether used in branding, invitations, posters, or editorial designs. The font's classical undertones provide a foundational strength, while its execution keeps it relevant in contemporary contexts, exemplifying Paul Lloyd's skill in marrying tradition with modern design trends. Imperator stands out as a font that not only pays homage to the past but also embraces the possibilities of the future, making it a splendid tool in the arsenal of designers seeking depth and character in their typographic work.
Character map
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Unknown license
87 glyphs, 1117 kerning pairs
Imperator Bold (C) Copyright PJL '96. DTP-Imperator Bold. Imperator Bold. Version 1.00. Imperator-Bold. Created by Type-Designer 3.0
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