The Dirty Headline font, crafted by the talented S. John Ross, stands out as a testament to the raw energy and unfiltered expression found in the world of typography. This font, with its unique name hinting at its unconventional character, is designed to command attention and evoke a sense of gritty realism. It is as if each letter has been forged from the stories found hidden in the pages of time-worn newspapers or whispered from the corners of dimly lit, bustling city streets.
The design of Dirty Headline blends the rough with the refined, making it a perfect choice for projects that require a touch of rebellious charm. The letters themselves appear as if they've been hastily printed on a vintage press, with slight imperfections and a textured finish that suggests urgency and importance. This aesthetic choice imbues the font with an authentic, 'lived-in' feel, making it not just a vehicle for text, but a narrative element in its own right.
S. John Ross has managed to encapsulate a specific atmosphere with Dirty Headline; it evokes a sense of nostalgia while being incredibly versatile. It can easily be imagined headlining an underground punk rock flyer, gracing the cover of a gritty noir novel, or even setting the tone on a retro-inspired website design. Despite its seemingly niche appearance, the Dirty Headline font finds relevance in a variety of creative projects, offering designers a tool to add depth, character, and a hint of the unconventional to their work.
Character map
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Dirty Headline

Unknown license
79 glyphs, 242 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) S. John Ross, 2001. All rights reserved.. S.JohnRoss: Dirty Headline: 2001. Dirty Headline. 2001; 1.0, initial release. DirtyHeadline. Dirty Headline is a trademark of S. John Ross.. S. John Ross. A stressed "Swiss" headline font designed to emulate old posters and newspapers..
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