As of my last knowledge update in April 2023, the font Crakos by Phuxer Designs might not be among the broadly recognized or extensively documented typefaces in the realms of graphic design or typography. However, I can offer you a creative description based on its naming and inferred characteristics from common practices in font design.
The name "Crakos" suggests a font with a strong, impactful presence. Fonts named with such energy often embody boldness and a dynamic nature. It's likely that Crakos is designed to capture attention, making it suitable for titles, headlines, or any application where a strong statement is required.
Given its association with Phuxer Designs—a name that hints at a contemporary and innovative approach—Crakos might seamlessly blend modern trends with a touch of uniqueness. Its letterforms could be expected to feature distinct characteristics: perhaps a mix of sharp angles and smooth curves, offering a sense of movement and edginess. This combination can make the font versatile, apt for both digital platforms and print media, catering to creative projects, branding, and avant-garde advertising campaigns.
The font could also incorporate elements of irregularity or distortion, resonating with a 'cracked' aesthetic implied by its name. This could manifest in the form of slightly fragmented lines, uneven texture, or a disruptive pattern within the strokes, lending the typeface a rebellious and unconventional aura.
In terms of usability, one could anticipate Crakos to offer various weights or styles—such as bold, italic, or light—to provide designers with flexibility in emphasizing different portions of their textual content. Additionally, considering the innovative edge suggested by the Phuxer Designs brand, the typeface might also include an array of glyphs, supporting multiple languages and special characters to cater to a global audience.
However, for the most accurate and detailed information about Crakos by Phuxer Designs, I recommend consulting direct sources or reaching out to Phuxer Designs themselves, as they can provide the most reliable insights about their creation.
Character map
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62 glyphs
Crakos © (By Carlos Matteoli). 2011. All Rights Reserved. Crakos:Version 1.00. Crakos. Version 1.00 August 25, 2011, initial release. Carlos Matteoli. This font was created using FontCreator 6.0 from By downloading this font, Not buying the license, only the use of it. For any modification or rights information, consult: Thank you very much..
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