As of my last update in early 2023, the font Mops, designed by Uwe Borchert, may not be widely recognized in mainstream font inventories or among the popular choices for graphic designers and typographers. Without specific details on this font directly from Uwe Borchert or notable font repositories, I can leverage my general knowledge and artistic sense to speculate on what characteristics a font named "Mops" might embody, inspired by its unique name and potential design philosophy as imagined by Uwe Borchert.
The name "Mops," which is German for "Pug" (the dog breed), suggests a font with a distinctive, perhaps playful and robust character. One can imagine a design that combines a sense of friendliness with a solid, readable structure, emulating the amiable yet sturdy nature of the pug. This font might feature rounded edges, conveying a soft, approachable feel, much like the gentle demeanor and rounded face of the pug dog itself. The letterforms could be slightly quirky, embodying unique twists or minor asymmetries that capture the whimsical, sometimes comical expressions that pugs are known for.
Given Uwe Borchert's knack for creation, "Mops" might also balance its playful aspects with practicality, ensuring the font maintains a level of clarity and legibility that makes it suitable for a variety of applications. From body text in children's books to headings in casual blog posts or even as part of more graphical elements in branding and packaging, "Mops" could offer designers a versatile tool. Its potential charm and distinctiveness might particularly appeal to projects that aim to stand out through a conversational and friendly tone.
Considering the importance of usability in font design, "Mops" could come with a range of weights, from light to bold, allowing for a rich hierarchy in text layouts. Italics might carry a slightly exaggerated slant, infusing an additional level of dynamism and personality to the typeface.
Without concrete details on "Mops" by Uwe Borchert, this interpretation is speculative, aiming to celebrate the imaginative nature of font design by envisioning how the attributes of a "Mops" could be translated into a typographic format. The actual font, if it exists, may embody a completely different philosophy or aesthetic envisioned by its creator.
Character map
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English: Pug Serif - A Menu Typeface

Deutsch: Mops Antiqua - Eine Speisekarten-Schrift

More informations (german)

Enjoy it!


Version 1.3 with more glyphs! Codepage 1250 and 1252 should now be complete. There are longs U-017f, an alternate german sharp s and more ligatures including t+z.

Bye bye


OFL (Open Font License) Created by Uwe Borchert,,, with FontForge 2.0 ( FontForge : Mops Antiqua : 24-6-2013. Mops Antiqua. Version 1.3 (20130623) . Mops
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Mops.pfb68.5 kB
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Mops.ttf41.1 kB
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