The font "Back In The USSR DL" is an evocative typeface crafted by Duncan Long, an artist renowned for his multifaceted creativity, encompassing illustrations, writing, and graphic design. This font draws its inspiration from the visual culture of the Soviet Union, encapsulating the essence of Cold War-era propaganda and Soviet art aesthetics. Characterized by its unique amalgamation of starkness and expressiveness, "Back In The USSR DL" manages to convey a sense of nostalgia intertwined with historical gravity.
Visually, the font features bold, impactful characters that seem to echo the monumental propaganda posters and architectural grandiosity reminiscent of the Soviet era. Its letterforms are designed with a strategic blend of sharp and curvaceous edges, hinting at both industrial strength and the undercurrents of ideological fervor that defined the time period. The use of straight lines and abrupt curves in the characters reflects a certain solidity and definitiveness, mirroring the authoritative tone of Soviet communication mediums.
"Back In The USSR DL" not only serves as a typographical homage to a bygone era but also offers a versatile tool for contemporary designers aiming to evoke a sense of historical depth or political commentary through their work. Its distinctiveness lies in the dramatic essence it imparts to text, making it especially suited for titles, posters, and any visual medium where a commanding presence is desired. Through this font, Duncan Long provides a cultural artifact that bridges past ideologies and present artistic pursuits, offering a window into the power dynamics and aesthetic sensibilities of the Soviet Union.
Character map
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Back In The USSR DL

Personal use only
185 glyphs, 191 kerning pairs
Copyright © By Duncan Long. All Rights Reserved. For more info, contact, or purchase of commercial rights, visit or email This font may be used for non-commercial purposes but may not be used commercially or by a business without prior purchase and written permission from Duncan Long, with such use limited to installation on one computer for each purchase. . Back In The USSR DL:Version 1.00. Back In The USSR DL. Version 1.00 - April 25, 2009. BackInTheUSSRDL. High-Logic. High-Logic - Erwin Denissen 1999. Template.
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