KlausBFraktur is a striking and historically rich typeface designed by the prolific font designer Manfred Klein. This font encapsulates the essence of the Fraktur style, which has deep roots in European calligraphy and printmaking traditions. Fraktur, initially used in the 16th century, became synonymous with German print and handwriting until the 20th century. KlausBFraktur by Manfred Klein breathes new life into this traditional script, blending historical authenticity with modern digital design techniques.
The design of KlausBFraktur is characterized by its intricate and highly detailed letterforms, which mimic the handcrafted nature of the original Fraktur calligraphy and typographic designs. Each character in the font is carefully crafted, featuring sharp, angular lines, dramatic strokes, and the classic broken curves that distinguish Fraktur from other Gothic scripts. This results in a typeface that is both visually compelling and imbued with a sense of historical opulence.
Despite its rich historical roots, KlausBFraktur by Manfred Klein is designed to be versatile and adaptable to contemporary design needs. It finds its place in a wide range of applications, from branding and editorial design to thematic visual narratives that aim to evoke an old-world charm or a sense of heritage. Moreover, Manfred Klein's meticulous attention to the readability and functionality of the font ensures that it remains practical for use in modern contexts, despite its complex and decorative nature.
KlausBFraktur thus stands as a testament to Manfred Klein's ability to bridge the past and present in typography. It not only preserves the beauty and significance of traditional Fraktur scripts but also makes them accessible and relevant to today's designers and audiences, offering a unique blend of historical depth and contemporary utility.
Character map
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nach Klaus Burkhardt einer der ersten Frakturfonts für den Computer, um 1991; ready made M. Klein 10.02. KlausBFraktur. 1.0 2002-10-18
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