The Moksha typeface, created by the illustrious Misprinted Type, is a captivating and versatile font that speaks volumes to both classical elegance and modern innovation. This font is a testament to the prowess of its creators, showcasing not just their technical skill but a deep understanding of aesthetics and contemporary design needs. Moksha stands out for its blend of traditional refinement and avant-garde boldness, making it a unique addition to the typographic world.
Moksha's design is notable for its clean lines and impeccable balance, exhibiting a harmonious mix of curves and straight edges that give it a distinct character. The typeface exudes a sense of clarity and readability, making it highly adaptable to various design contexts. From the sleekness of its thinner weights, ideal for elegant, high-end branding and editorial designs, to the assertive presence of its bolder weights, perfect for eye-catching headlines and impactful statements, Moksha covers a wide spectrum of design needs with ease.
Moreover, Misprinted Type has infused Moksha with a range of features that enhance its versatility and utility. The typeface includes an extensive set of glyphs, accommodating multiple languages and scripts, which ensures that designers working on global projects find it incredibly useful. Additionally, the inclusion of stylistic alternates, ligatures, and other typographic nuances enables creative professionals to add a personal touch or distinctive flair to their work, further elevating the aesthetic appeal of the final design.
In essence, Moksha by Misprinted Type is not just a typeface; it's a design tool that marries functionality with beauty, tradition with innovation. It’s crafted for those who appreciate the power of typography to convey messages, evoke emotions, and create lasting impressions. Whether it's branding, editorial, web, or packaging design, Moksha offers a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication that can elevate any project to new heights.
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228 glyphs, 1002 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) 2007 by Eduardo Recife. All rights reserved.. EduardoRecife: Moksha: 2007. Moksha. Version 1.000. Moksha is a trademark of Eduardo Recife.. Eduardo Recife. Thank you for purchasing a Misprinted Type typeface. If you want to get a hold of new typefaces visit: This document contains the license agreement for use of fonts created and sold by Eduardo Recife - Misprinted Type © and the user(s) or purchaser(s) of said fonts. In this document the term "font programs" refers to any program or piece of code and/or computer information containing data that can be used to output letterforms or designs to any output or display device currently known or unknown. These fonts are licensed to 5 CPUs and 1 Output Devices at a single location. Additional licenses may be purchased at a discount. The only intended use of these font programs is for the output, by various devices, of publishing designs, letterform designs, or art designs contained within the information of the font program. You do not have the right to re-license, redistribute, resell, lend or lease these programs in any form or manner. Should it be determined by inspection that your copy is possessed illegally by another entity then you can and will be held liable for damages. Should you place this font onto any on-line service, bulletin board or by any other means cause it to be distributed as a usable font file then you are subject to a redistribution fee. By downloading this font you are agreeing to this fee. By your acceptance of this agreement, shown by downloading or installing the attached fonts, you agree that should any font, font program, or new font design, which is determined by industry specialists to have been created using one of these fonts presented for download as a reference or a starting point, be created by you or by those under your employ or under your hire or contract or as a favor or task shall be the property of Misprinted Type and all profits from said program or font design shall be transferred to Misprinted Type. All designs included in these font programs and the font programs themselves are copyright 1998-2008 by Eduardo Recife, Misprinted Type. To contact Misprinted Type or Eduardo Recife with any questions, comments, etc. or visit Misprinted Type at: .
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