"ACID LABEL___" by Billy Argel is a distinctive typeface that stands out due to its unique blend of modern flair and artistic expressiveness. Crafted by the talented designer Billy Argel, known for his ability to infuse character and personality into his font designs, ACID LABEL___ is no exception, showcasing his skillful approach to typography. The font is marked by its edgy and somewhat rebellious aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for projects that aim to grab attention and make a bold statement.
The design of ACID LABEL___ features irregular shapes and unconventional letterforms, which contribute to its eye-catching appearance. Each character within the font is meticulously designed, ensuring that despite its irregularities, the typeface remains coherent and visually appealing. The letters often exhibit a somewhat eroded or distressed texture, encapsulating a sense of urban decay or vintage charm. This gives the font a rugged, lived-in feel that can add depth and character to a wide range of creative projects.
ACID LABEL___ is particularly well-suited for use in contexts that require a distinctive touch, such as music album covers, edgy branding projects, posters, and any other medium that benefits from a font that stands out from the crowd. Its versatility allows it to bridge genres from punk to avant-garde, making it a valuable asset for designers looking to convey a sense of rebellion, innovation, or artistic sophistication. Overall, ACID LABEL___ by Billy Argel is a testament to the power of typeface design to convey emotion and personality, enriching the visual landscape with its unique and bold aesthetic.
Character map
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Personal use only
62 glyphs, 2 kerning pairs
Billy Argel Fonts - 2008 - ACID LABEL- All rights reserved . ACID LABEL. ACID LABEL___. 12/3/2008. ACIDLABEL. ACID LABEL - BILLY ARGEL FONTS 2008
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Zip contains 3 files
1876 x 1155 px
166 kB
ACIDL___.TTF325 kB
READ ME.txt126 B
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