The font AnglosaxOblique, crafted by the renowned type designer Manfred Klein, is a distinctive and stylistically unique typeface that captures the essence of historical elegance with a modern twist. This font belongs to the larger category of serif fonts, known for their classic appeal, but with an oblique twist that gives it a dynamic edge. The term "oblique" in the font's name signifies that the characters lean to the right, offering a more stylized and forward-moving aesthetic compared to its upright counterparts.
Manfred Klein, a prolific font designer with a knack for combining historical influences with contemporary design practices, created AnglosaxOblique to tap into the intricate and decorative qualities of the Anglo-Saxon period. The typeface exudes a sense of tradition and craftsmanship, incorporating elements that are both ornate and meticulously designed. Each letterform in AnglosaxOblique carries a unique character, with subtle curves and intricate details that echo the manuscript and inscriptive art of early England, yet refined for modern readability and application.
Characterized by its elegance and distinctiveness, AnglosaxOblique is not just a typeface but an artistic expression, blending historical references with the functionality needed in today's design projects. It can add a touch of antiquity and sophistication to a variety of projects, ranging from book covers and editorial layouts to branding and digital designs. The font's ability to stand out while maintaining legibility makes it a versatile choice for designers looking to imbue their work with a sense of history, craftsmanship, and artistic flair.
In summary, AnglosaxOblique by Manfred Klein is a beautifully crafted typeface that bridges the gap between ancient inspirations and modern design needs. Its oblique stance injects dynamism into text, making it particularly suited for applications that seek to combine a historical aura with contemporary appeal. Through its intricate details and unique character, AnglosaxOblique embodies the creative spirit of its designer and offers designers and artists a tool to infuse their work with depth, elegance, and a touch of history.
Character map
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136 glyphs, 4303 kerning pairs
Copyright \(c\) M. Klein, 2007. All rights reserved.. AnglosaxOblique. 1.0 2007-02-22
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