Moderna, a distinctive font crafted by Paul Lloyd Fonts, stands out as a testament to the fusion of traditional artistry with contemporary design sensibilities. This font family offers a compelling vision of modernity, blending the elegance of classical typography with the clean, sleek lines that define today's aesthetic standards.
The Moderna font exhibits a bold personality, characterized by its sharp angles and geometric precision, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to make a statement through design. Its characters display a careful balance between functionality and style, ensuring readability without sacrificing visual impact. This balance makes Moderna particularly versatile, fitting seamlessly into a variety of applications, from striking headlines and branding materials to engaging digital interfaces.
Paul Lloyd Fonts, known for their meticulous approach to typeface design, crafted Moderna with an unwavering attention to detail. Each glyph in the Moderna family is designed to contribute to a cohesive visual harmony, ensuring that no matter the context, the font retains its distinctive character. With its modern flair and timeless elegance, Moderna by Paul Lloyd Fonts is more than just a typography choice—it's a powerful tool for designers looking to elevate their work with sophistication and style.
Character map
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82 glyphs, 1333 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) PJL, 2002. All rights reserved.. PJL: Moderna: 2002. Moderna. Version 1.0; 2002; initial release. Moderna is a trademark of PJL.. PJL. Freeware!. Regular
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