The font named BROKEN GHOST by Last Soundtrack exudes a distinctive, haunting character that sets it apart in the realm of typography. As the name suggests, Broken Ghost carries an eerie, otherworldly vibe, accentuating its presence through its unique design features. It bridges the gap between the unsettling and the captivating, embodying a style that is both intriguing and enigmatic.
Crafted with an artistic touch, each character in the BROKEN GHOST font appears as if it has been intricately pieced together from shadows and whispers, making it a favorite among designers looking for a font with a strong personality and a mysterious allure. The slightly irregular, jagged edges of its letters suggest a creation that is not of this realm, as if each stroke was guided by an ethereal hand. This irregularity adds a layer of depth and complexity to the typeface, inviting viewers to ponder the stories and secrets it might hold.
Despite its seemingly delicate construction, BROKEN GHOST is surprisingly versatile. It finds a place in various design projects, particularly those aiming to evoke emotion or create an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue. Whether it's used in the titles of horror films, on the covers of supernatural-themed books, or within artistic installations that explore themes of the paranormal, this font has the ability to instantly transform the mood of a piece, drawing the observer into a world where the veil between the known and the unknown is tantalizingly thin.
Moreover, the font can communicate an array of sentiments depending on its application. It can convey a sense of haunting beauty, a touch of ancient wisdom, or the chilling whisper of secrets long hidden. BROKEN GHOST by Last Soundtrack is not merely a typeface; it is an artistic expression that challenges the boundaries between the tangible and the unseen, leaving a lasting impression on both the creator and the audience.
Character map
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Hi, Gyom.

This font is absolutely amazing. I would really like to use it for something i am creating! Would you be able to create a large heart shape in the same style at all?



If you want to ask Gyom ...


Unknown license
90 glyphs
BROKEN GHOST © Gyomsegs. 2006. All Rights Reserved. BROKEN GHOST:Version 1.00. BROKEN GHOST. Version 1.00 November 14, 2006, initial release. BROKENGHOST. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from
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