Ah, Harrington, the font that dresses for dinner! Imagine if the 19th century decided to take up typography, and right before it put on its top hat, it scribbled down the essence of its spirit. That, my friends, would be Harrington. It's like the charming, mustachioed gentleman of the font world, tipping its hat as it walks by, leaving a scent of sophistication and a whisper of whimsy in the air.
Born somewhere in the early 1990s, Harrington could be considered the typographic equivalent of finding an exquisite, slightly eccentric antique in your attic. You know, the kind that might be enchanted or could have belonged to a whimsical magician. It's decorative without being overbearing, stylish but not snobbish, and carries a delightful old-world charm that's hard to find in the modern age.
With its distinctive curling serifs and elegantly sweeping ascenders and descenders, Harrington doesn't just tell a story; it invites you into a narrative, offers you a cup of tea, and insists you stay a while. It's ideal for titles, invitations to gatherings that require you to wear a monocle, or any design project that needs a touch of quirkiness without sacrificing class.
Despite its old-timey vibe, Harrington is surprisingly versatile. It can swing from the pages of a fairytale book to the sign of a hip cafe without missing a beat. It's the font equivalent of a time-traveling dandy, equally at home in both eras and refusing to be pigeonholed.
So, when should you use Harrington? Whenever you want your text to wear a velvet jacket, offer a sly wink, and whisk your reader away to a world where elegance and amusement dance hand in hand. And remember, while Harrington is indeed captivating, use it like you would a strong perfume—a little goes a long way.
Character map
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©1992. The Font Bureau, Inc. Portions © 1992 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.. Harrington. Version 1.10
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