As of my last update in 2023, "Deities" by Isis Type Foundry appears to be a fictional or nonexistent font, as it doesn't match any widely recognized typeface from known catalogues or collections within the typographic and design communities.
However, let's creatively imagine what Deities, a font conceived by the Isis Type Foundry, might embody if it were to exist. Envisioning Deities, one can infer from its name an air of divine elegance and an ethereal quality that transcends the mundane. This font would likely harmonize the ancient with the modern, weaving together the timeless wisdom of old-world deities with the clean, sleek lines preferred in contemporary design.
Deities might feature a variety of weights, from the light and airy to the bold and commanding, each carrying a distinct characteristic inspired by different aspects or archetypes of gods and goddesses from various mythologies. The lighter weights could evoke the swift grace of Hermes or the gentle beauty of Aphrodite, while the heavier weights might capture the formidable presence of Thor or the authoritative power of Zeus.
Design elements within each character could include subtle motifs or symbols related to divine attributes, such as a lightning bolt for the letter 'Z' or a delicate floral pattern weaved into the curves of 'A'. Such features would be executed with restraint, ensuring the font remains versatile and readable across different applications, from print to digital media.
Overall, Deities by Isis Type Foundry, in this imagined scenario, stands out as a font that blends conceptual depth with visual appeal. It would cater to designers seeking to imbue their projects with a sense of grandeur and transcendent beauty, making it ideal for titles, logos, and other applications where a touch of the divine can elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Character map
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egypt, egyptian gods, pharao


Unknown license
40 glyphs
©1998 - Isis Fonts - John Cosgriff. Deities. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 28/09/98
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