Ah, Patron - Personal Use by Shaped Fonts: the font equivalent of that friend who can rock both a tuxedo and a pair of sneakers with equal flair. Imagine a font that has decided to gallantly step out of the mundane and embrace its uniqueness, while still maintaining a certain level of professionalism. That's Patron for you.
Crafted with a playful spirit by the wizards at Shaped Fonts, Patron seems like it was forged in the fires of creativity and then cooled in the waters of utility. It strikes a perfect equilibrium between formality and casualness, making it an intriguing choice for designers who wish to sprinkle a bit of personality onto their creations without diving headfirst into the pool of eccentricity.
Each character in the Patron font family bears a resemblance to that one guest at a party who knows precisely how to blend into various groups, effortlessly charming everyone. The letters are clean and well-proportioned, boasting an underlying structure that exudes confidence and reliability. Yet, there's a subtle twist in their design – a gentle quirk that whispers rather than shouts, inviting onlookers to lean in closer.
Using Patron is akin to adding a dash of gourmet spice to an otherwise familiar dish; it transforms the mundane into something memorable. Whether you're crafting an elegant invitation, designing a standout business card, or simply putting together a presentation that refuses to be dull, Patron - Personal Use steps in like a tasteful accomplice, ready to elevate your project while keeping it grounded.
In a nutshell, Patron - Personal Use is a font that doesn't just talk the talk but walks the walk. It's a testament to Shaped Fonts' ability to balance artistic flair with practicality, creating a font that is as versatile as it is striking. Inviting yet discerning, Patron is ready to lend your words a distinctive voice that's hard to ignore and even harder to forget.
Character map
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Patron - Personal Use

Personal use only
140 glyphs
1.000;UKWN;Patron - Personal Use Regular. Patron - Personal Use Regular. Version 1.000;FEAKit 1.0. Patron-PersonalUse-Regular. PATRON © 2020 by Trautmann & Dörre GbR. Shaped Fonts. Shaped Fonts - Christoph Dörre. www.shapedfonts.com. Please note: This demo version is free for PERSONAL USE ONLY. The full version contains all features like numbers, symbols and extended language support and is included if you buy a license. A license can be bought at www.shapedfonts.com . Patron - Personal Use. Regular
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