Edge Of Madness, crafted by the whimsically named designer Darrell Flood, is a font that refuses to take itself too seriously. Picture this: the letters are holding a wild party, and sanity was definitely not invited. Each character is a testament to the delightful brink of chaos, where straight lines are as mythical as a sober gnome at a fairy banquet.
At first glance, Edge Of Madness may seem like it was sketched during a fever dream, where the rules of typography are playfully tossed out the window. The letters cavort with an erratic energy, each one seemingly dancing to a different tune. Imagine if the letters were guests at a masquerade ball, donning disguises that barely conceal their true, unruly natures. This font is the visual equivalent of a wink and a nudge, nudging you into acknowledging the beauty in asymmetry and imperfection.
Darrell Flood has managed an artful balancing act with Edge Of Madness, steering the font clear of becoming an indecipherable mess. It is still legible, despite its apparent determination to prove otherwise. This font would be right at home on the cover of a graphic novel, nestled within the pages of a zine, or emblazoned across the front of a t-shirt that screams, "I am the protagonist of my own quirky, yet somehow epic, life story."
In conclusion, Edge Of Madness is not just a font. It's an adventure into the whimsical, a leap into a pool filled with colorful, floating letters, and a reminder not to take life—or design—too seriously. Darrell Flood has gifted the visual world with a little slice of controlled pandemonium, proving that sometimes, the edge of madness is where creativity thrives best.
Character map
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Edge Of Madness

Personal use only
116 glyphs
Typeface © Darrell Flood. 2021. All Rights Reserved. Edge Of Madness:Version 1.00. Edge Of Madness. Version 1.00;June 10, 2021;FontCreator 64-bit. EdgeOfMadness. This font was created using FontCreator 12 from High-Logic.com
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