SF Wonder Comic Inline, designed by ShyFoundry, is a distinctive typeface that captures the essence of classic comic book lettering with an appealing twist. Its design is characterized by a playful yet readable style which makes it a perfect choice for various design projects that aim to convey a sense of fun, enthusiasm, and creativity. The inclusion of 'Inline' in its name hints at a unique feature of this font - a line running through the center of each character, adding depth and a visually engaging element that enhances its comic book feel.
The design of SF Wonder Comic Inline is balanced, featuring rounded edges and smooth curves that evoke a friendly and approachable look. Its letterforms are designed with clarity in mind, ensuring that despite its distinctive comic style, the typeface remains highly legible even when used in dense blocks of text. This makes it not just suitable for comic book projects, but also for any work aimed at younger audiences or projects that require a touch of whimsy and lightheartedness.
ShyFoundry, known for their wide array of fonts, has managed to infuse SF Wonder Comic Inline with a versatility that allows designers to use it across different media - from digital content like web comics and online advertisements to print materials such as children’s books, party invitations, and promotional posters. The font also comes with a variety of weights and possibly with additional styles that allow for flexible use in a wide range of design scenarios, adding to its attractiveness for designers looking for a comic style font that can do it all.
Character map
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SF Wonder Comic Inline

Unknown license
215 glyphs, 94 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) ShyFonts Type Foundry, 2000. All rights reserved.. ShyFontsTypeFoundry: SF Wonder Comic Inline: 2000. SF Wonder Comic Inline. ver 1.0; 2000. Freeware.. SFWonderComicInline. SF Wonder Comic Inline is a trademark of the ShyFonts Type Foundry.. ShyFonts Type Foundry. http://www.shyfonts.com/
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