Ah, Olympus by Levi Halmos, the typeface that climbed out of the typography pantheon to grace us mere mortals with its divine presence! This font, much like the mythical abode it's named after, stands tall and proud, seemingly chiseled from the very bedrock of Mount Typography itself. Levi Halmos, the creative demigod behind Olympus, must have toiled away by the light of Apollo’s chariot, forging each letterform in Hephaestus's divine flame.
Imagine if the Greek gods had a newsletter, Olympus would be their font of choice, no doubt. Each glyph is infused with the essence of ambrosia, making every word written with it taste like nectar to the eyes. Its serifs probably echo the columns of the Parthenon, sturdy and elegant, supporting the structure of language with classical grace. Capable of summoning the muse of design with the mere act of typing, Olympus might as well come with a built-in lyre soundtrack for its user.
Jokes aside, without the actual font in front of me, we're mythically speculating here. But it’s safe to say, Levi Halmos created something that carries the weight and beauty of ancient Greece into modern typography. Olympus probably balances the fine line between traditional serifs and contemporary flair, making it suitable for everything from epic poetry compilations to the menu of a café that serves ambrosia salad and nectar smoothies. With its presumed versatility and timeless charm, Olympus is not just a font—it's a journey back in time with a modern-day passport.
Character map
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Unknown license
78 glyphs
(c) 2001 Levi. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 Olympus. Olympus. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 1/4/2001
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