The font named KR Crayons, created by Kat Rakos, embodies a playful and creative energy that is both nostalgic and endearing. This distinctive typeface is designed to mimic the look and feel of handwriting done with crayons, capturing the essence of childhood art projects and the uninhibited joy of coloring outside the lines. Each letter appears as though it has been carefully drawn by a child’s hand, with irregular edges, varying line thickness, and the textured look you'd expect from wax crayons gliding over paper.
KR Crayons does not adhere to the strict uniformity found in most digital fonts. Instead, it celebrates imperfections and individuality. The characters in this font vary in size and alignment, contributing to its lively and spontaneous aesthetic. Not only does this font evoke the whimsy of youthful doodles, but it also retains enough clarity and legibility to be used in various design contexts.
Ideal for projects that aim to convey fun, creativity, and a touch of nostalgia, KR Crayons works wonderfully in educational materials, children's books, party invitations, and any design project that benefits from a personal, handcrafted touch. Its unique charm encourages designers to experiment with playful layouts and colorful palettes, perfectly complementing the font’s dynamic character.
Character map
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KR Crayons

Unknown license
52 glyphs, 480 kerning pairs
©2001 Kat - Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 KR Crayons. KR Crayons. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 07/31/2001. KRCrayons
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