Beast Impacted is a striking typeface that grabs attention with its bold and impactful presence. It belongs to the category of display fonts, designed primarily for use in headlines, posters, logos, and other instances where maximum impact is required. The essence of Beast Impacted lies in its powerful character shapes, which are condensed yet highly readable. The font exudes a sense of strength and urgency, making it an excellent choice for designs that aim to make a bold statement or evoke strong emotions.
The design of Beast Impacted incorporates thick, heavy strokes paired with slightly compressed letterforms, which allow it to stand out even when space is limited. This characteristic makes it particularly useful for designs that need to convey a message clearly and forcefully at a glance. Despite its robust appearance, careful attention to detail in the design of each character ensures that the typeface maintains a level of visual harmony, preventing it from becoming overwhelming.
Beast Impacted often carries a modern and somewhat aggressive aesthetic, making it suitable for branding projects, advertising campaigns, and creative designs that aim to break through the noise. Its assertive style can be leveraged to project confidence, power, and dynamism, making it a favorite among designers looking to leave a lasting impression. Whether used for a rock band's logo, a sports team's branding, or a motivational poster, Beast Impacted delivers its message with undeniable force and character.
Character map
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Beast Impacted

Unknown license
52 glyphs
Copyright © 1999 Y.Warhol. Beast Inside ARTS. All rights reserved. All offers send to e-mail: FONTLAB30:TTEXPORT. Beast Impacted Regular. Version 1.0; 1999; initial release. BeastImpacted. Y.Warhol [ ]
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