The font "BONES" embodies a unique fusion of gothic allure and minimalist design, encapsulating a style that is both stark and evocatively expressive. Its character set is designed to evoke a skeletal structure, with each letterform meticulously crafted to resemble the contours and linear elegance of bones. This thematic approach gives BONES a macabre yet sophisticated presence, making it particularly suited for projects that aim to strike a balance between the eerie and the elegant.
The anatomy of BONES is characterized by thin, elongated strokes, reminiscent of the fragility and precision of bone structures. This deliberate choice in design imparts a sense of ephemerality and grace, allowing for a visually striking typography that stands out in stark contrast against more traditional fonts. The tall, narrow letters with sharply defined edges and points further enhance the font’s gothic-inspired aesthetic, imbuing texts with a hauntingly beautiful appearance.
BONES is versatile in its applications, finding a place in various media and contexts where a touch of the macabre is desired. From book covers and movie posters in the horror and mystery genres to marketing materials for themed events like Halloween, BONES offers a unique typographic solution. Its distinct style also makes it suitable for fashion branding, jewelry design, and art projects looking to convey a sense of the mystical or the arcane. Despite its specific thematic focus, BONES maintains a level of readability, ensuring that its artistic qualities do not detract from the clarity of the message it aims to convey.
Character map
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Unknown license
94 glyphs
(C) 1993 ATTITUDE, INC. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction or duplication of this typeface, by any means, without prior written permission, is strictly prohibited.. ATTD:BONES. BONES. 1.0 Tue Oct 26 16:53:38 1993
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