Pavement is a contemporary font that resonates with the gritty, raw essence of urban streets and the vibrant subcultures that thrive within them. Its design captures the improvisational and unrestrained energy of street art, making it not just a typeface but a conduit of visual storytelling that brings a piece of the city's heartbeat to any canvas it graces. Characterized by its bold strokes and irregular outlines, Pavement stands out for its authenticity and dynamic appeal, embodying a spirit of rebellion and freedom.
This font often exhibits a sense of roughness and readiness, emulating the look and feel of graffiti and hand-painted signs found in alleyways and on brick walls. Each character in Pavement might display unique quirks, such as slightly varied widths or intentional imperfections, mimicking the natural variations found in spontaneous street art. These characteristics ensure that text set in Pavement is teeming with personality and energy, making it ideally suited for projects that aim to make a bold statement or evoke a sense of raw, unfiltered expression.
Pavement is a versatile tool for designers, allowing them to infuse their projects with the ethos of street culture. It is particularly effective in designs related to music, fashion, and lifestyle brands seeking to connect with a younger, edgier audience. Whether used in large headlines, cover art, apparel designs, or promotional materials, Pavement guarantees an impactful visual presence that captures attention and communicates with undeniable intensity. Its unique blend of urban authenticity and artistic expression makes it a mirror reflecting the stories and voices of the street, offering a distinctive type solution for projects that dare to stand out.
Character map
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90 glyphs
Copyright ©1997‐98 Peter Bruhn/FOUNTAIN, Sweden. All Rights Reserved. Designer on PavementKana: Peter Bruhn&extra design. Pavement Kana was re‐designed from Pavement by extra design, Japan.. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.4 Pavement KanaLogger. Pavement KanaLogger. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1.4 07‐11‐00. PavementKanaLogger
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