Wolf's Bane Expanded Italic by Iconian Fonts is not just a font; it's a voyage into the realm of the extraordinary and the distinctive, a perfect blend of the menacing and the elegant. As suggested by its name, Wolf's Bane carries an aura of the mystical and the gothic, reminiscent of tales of werewolves and ancient curses whispered in the shrouded mists of time. The "Expanded Italic" variant adds an additional layer of dynamism and forward-motion to this already captivating typeface, making it a go-to choice for projects requiring a touch of the uncanny blended with sophistication.
Designed by Iconian Fonts, known for their wide array of creative and thematic fonts, Wolf's Bane Expanded Italic exhibits a notable balance between readability and decorative flair. Each letter is crafted with care, showcasing extended strokes and a subtle slant that conveys speed and agility, mirroring the prance of the mythical creatures it invokes. The italics tilt adds a sense of urgency and movement, making text not just seen but felt, as if the words themselves are imbued with life and are leaping off the page.
The font features an expanded character set, providing versatility for a wide array of creative projects. From eerie book covers and gripping movie posters to enchanting web designs and mystical brand logos, Wolf's Bane Expanded Italic provides an otherworldly charm that can transform the mundane into the fantastical. Its distinctive style ensures that any work adorned with this typeface stands out, capturing the viewer's attention and drawing them into a world where the mystique of the old and the allure of the novel blend seamlessly.
Moreover, the usage of Wolf's Bane Expanded Italic by designers and artists signifies a choice to imbue their work with a sense of adventure and mystery. It is a font that doesn't just convey a message but weaves a narrative around it, adding layers of depth and intrigue. Whether employed in a headline that demands attention or in the body text of a thrilling tale, this font elevates the ordinary, making every creation a testament to the power of design in storytelling.
Character map
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Wolf's Bane Expanded Italic

Personal use only
90 glyphs, 74 kerning pairs
2001 Iconian Fonts - www.iconian.com. Wolf's Bane Bold. Wolf's Bane Expanded Italic. 1. Wolf'sBaneExpandedItalic
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