The font "Poison Berries" crafted by Levi Halmos entices the visual senses with its intriguing blend of mystery and charm. This typeface stands out for its imaginative flair, drawing inspiration from what its name suggests - the allure and danger inherent in nature's toxic berries. Each letter in this font is designed to capture the essence of this paradox, balancing on the fine line between enticement and warning.
"Poison Berries" harmoniously combines elements of both modern and classic typography, producing a distinctive, versatile font. Its characters display a subtle irregularity, mimicking the natural variance found in wild berries. This irregularity adds a layer of organic authenticity, making the font feel alive and dynamic. It is precisely this characteristic that imbues "Poison Berries" with a unique personality, distinguishing it from more conventional typefaces.
The font expertly balances ornate detail with readability. The letters are crafted with intricate embellishments that suggest the thorns or vines often associated with berry plants, adding a visual depth that invites the viewer to look closer. Despite these detailed flourishes, "Poison Berries" maintains a high level of legibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from editorial headlines to artistic projects that require a touch of nature's enigmatic beauty.
"Poison Berries" by Levi Halmos thus captures the imagination, offers a visually arresting typography experience, and evokes the mystical allure of the natural world. Its unique blend of elements makes it a compelling choice for designers looking to convey mystery, allure, or the beauty of danger through their work.
Character map
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Poison Berries

Unknown license
92 glyphs, 281 kerning pairs
(c) 2000 Levi . Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 Poison Berries. Poison Berries. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 2000.08.24.. PoisonBerries
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