The Slant font by Altsys Metamorphosis is a unique typeface that embodies a dynamic and forward-moving aesthetic, embodying the essence of motion through its distinctive slanted characters. Altsys, a pioneer in software development for graphic design, particularly in the early era of digital typography and design tools, launched Metamorphosis as a software platform that allowed for creative flexibility and innovation in font design. The Slant font, emerging from this technological and creative ethos, represents not just a style but an attitude.
Visually, the Slant font is characterized by its italicized appearance, which imparts a sense of urgency or movement. Unlike standard italics that often serve merely as a counterpart to a roman typeface, the Slant font exaggerates its angled lines, creating a more pronounced effect. This makes it particularly effective for uses that require emphasis or a dynamic flair, such as headings, logos, or any design element that needs to convey speed, action, or a contemporary edge.
The design of Slant encompasses a balanced mix of geometric precision and artistic liberty, making it aesthetically pleasing while ensuring readability. Each character is crafted to maintain legibility at various sizes, which is a testament to the thoughtful design process behind this font. The font's versatility is another highlight, allowing it to be a strong candidate for a wide range of applications, from digital graphics to print media.
In essence, the Slant font by Altsys Metamorphosis stands as a vibrant testament to the evolution of digital typography. It captures the spirit of innovation and motion, making it a compelling choice for designers looking to infuse their projects with a sense of energy and forward momentum. Through its bold and dynamic character, Slant continues to be a favorite among designers seeking a typeface with personality and movement.
Character map
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Unknown license
109 glyphs, 45 kerning pairs
Generated by Metamorphosis Professional 2.01. Altsys Metamorphosis:Slant. Slant. Altsys Metamorphosis:5/3/93
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