Bucanera, a font designed by the typeface artist deFharo, is a striking and versatile typeface that exudes a mix of elegance, adventure, and mystique. Its design is inspired by the tales and legends of pirates and the high seas, which is reflected in its name—'Bucanera' translates to 'Buccaneer' in English, a term used historically to refer to pirates and privateers.
Bucanera's character set is rich and varied, featuring both uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and a comprehensive range of punctuation marks and special characters. The font captures the essence of its pirate inspiration through stylistic elements such as exaggerated serif details, stylized swashes, and intricate curves, which lend it a distinctive and bold appearance. These features make Bucanera not only eye-catching but also imbued with a sense of drama and flair.
The versatility of Bucanera lies in its broad applicability across different types of design work. It is perfectly suited for projects that require a touch of antiquity or adventure, such as book covers, posters, branding, and logo design, especially in contexts related to history, fantasy, and nautical themes. Additionally, Bucanera can add a layer of sophistication and uniqueness to more modern and contemporary designs, making it a favorite among designers seeking to imbue their work with character and a stand-out quality.
Furthermore, deFharo has designed Bucanera with attention to legibility and functionality, ensuring that despite its decorative and intricate details, it remains practical for both print and digital mediums. This balance between aesthetics and usability makes Bucanera a valuable asset for designers and typographers looking to incorporate a touch of adventurous elegance into their projects.
Character map
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Bucanera is a calligraphic typeface with pirate inspiration and ornaments, is the result of the frustration that caused the Russian hackers.

¡Inglourious Basterds this font is for you !!


Use following keys to see the ornaments, try other combinations with contextual swashes in your favorite text editor (Indesign, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator...):

[color=red] [ { [/color] -Initial ornaments-

[color=red] ] } [/color]-Final ornaments-

[color=red] ¬ | # [/color] -Terminal ornaments-

Example keys for name font: [Bucanera#


This font is free for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

• 12 contextual decorative ornaments for the beginning and end of words or phrases, alternative letters, Swashes and other Open Type features.

• Look at the attached PDF to see all the functions Open Type and the txt file for usage keys.

• If you want the commercial version is available at: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2i3

Thank you for downloading this font [color=red]♥[/color]


Personal use only
226 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2016 by deFharo. All rights reserved. http://wp.me/p11PzK-2i3. deFharo: Bucanera FFP: 2016. Bucanera-FFP. Version Std 1.236. Bucanera FFP is a trademark of deFharo.. deFharo. Fernando Haro. Bucanera is a calligraphic typeface with pirate inspiration and ornaments, the result of the frustration that caused me stealing other fonts by Russian hackers. Inglourious Basterds this font is for you !!. http://wp.me/p11PzK-2i3. http://defharo.com. Personal use only (FFP)! Leer / Read: http://defharo.com/product-usage-agreement-ffp/ Commercial license. READ: http://defharo.com/terms-and-conditions-commercial-fonts/ Please visit www.defharo.com to buy a commercial license: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2i3. http://defharo.com/terms-and-conditions-commercial-fonts/. Bucanera. FFP. Bucanera FFP
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