"A Cuchillada" is a distinctive typeface created by Spanish type designer Fernando Haro, known professionally as deFharo. This particular font stands out for its dynamic and expressive nature, which is inspired by the concept of striking or slashing strokes, as its name - 'A Cuchillada', Spanish for 'with a slash' or 'cutlass stroke' - suggests. The design intricately balances between roughness and precision, making it an intriguing choice for a variety of design projects.
The character set of "A Cuchillada" includes a robust collection of glyphs, supporting multiple languages and coming with a variety of weights. This versatility allows for its use in a broad spectrum of applications, from editorial designs to branding, posters, and digital content. The font exhibits a unique blend of raw energy and artistic finesse, with each character seeming to have been crafted with a sharp, cutting motion, yet maintaining legibility and consistency throughout the typeface.
One of the defining features of "A Cuchillada" is its textured edges, which mimic the effect of ink or paint applied with a vigorous, slashing gesture. This textural quality adds a layer of depth and authenticity, evoking a handcrafted feel that resonates well with projects aiming for a personal touch or an edgy aesthetic. Despite its seemingly aggressive inspiration, the font manages to retain a certain elegance and flair, making it flexible enough to cater to both high-impact headlines and more subdued textual content.
In conclusion, "A Cuchillada" by deFharo is a font that captures the imagination with its bold, artistic strokes and textured appearance. Its design is a tribute to the raw beauty of manual artistic expression, seamlessly translated into a digital format. Whether for creative design projects, artistic endeavors, or distinctive branding, "A Cuchillada" offers a unique typographic voice that stands out in the crowded world of fonts.
Character map
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A Cuchillada

Personal use only
382 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2014 by deFharo. All rights reserved.. deFharo: A Cuchillada: 2014. A-Cuchillada. Version 2-9-14. A Cuchillada is a trademark of deFharo.. deFharo. Copyright (c) 2014 by deFharo. All rights reserved.Tipografía malherida, itálica, sans serif, heavy font. Una cuchillada dolorosa es la muerte de un amigo del alma. Descarga gratis: http://defharo.com/dise%c3%b1o-grafico/tipografia/acuchillada-font/ Get my fonts at: www.defharo.com. http://defharo.com/fuentes-y-letras-gratis-para-bajar/. http://defharo.com. Gratis sólo para uso personal (FFP), si quiere obtener una licencia comercial por favor visite mi web defharo.com. Personal use only (FFP)! Please visit www.defharo.com to get a commercial license: http://defharo.com/terms-and-conditions-commercial-fonts/ Leer / Read: http://defharo.com/product-usage-agreement-ffp/. http://defharo.com/free-for-personal-use-license/. A Cuchillada. Regular
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