As of my last update in April 2023, "Typography times" by Tipografia Leone Firenze does not appear to be a widely recognized or documented font. However, I can create an illustrative description imagining a font that could come from an establishment with such an evocative name, blending historical roots with contemporary sensibilities.
Tipografia Leone Firenze might invoke the rich history of Florentine art and type design, suggesting a font that marries traditional elegance with modern flair. "Typography times" could be envisioned as a serif font, paying homage to the classic typefaces that have graced the pages of books and documents for centuries. The serifs could be finely crafted, perhaps with a slight asymmetry or unique detailing that gives the font a distinctive character, setting it apart from more conventional serif typefaces.
Given the name "Typography times," one might imagine a versatile font family designed to meet the demands of both print and digital media. The font could offer a range of weights from light to bold, enabling designers to utilize it for a wide variety of purposes, from body text in magazines and books to striking headlines on websites and posters. Its letterforms might strike a balance between readability and personality, making it not only a practical choice for long-form text but also an attractive option for branding and design projects.
The nod to "times" in the name suggests a design that aspires to be timeless, a font that seeks to remain relevant and appealing across different eras and applications. The craftsmanship of Tipografia Leone Firenze could be evident in the font's attention to detail, such as the careful kerning, consistent stroke weight, and harmonious proportions of the letters, ensuring that "Typography times" stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of typography.
In sum, while "Typography times" by Tipografia Leone Firenze as described here is a figment of imagination, it embodies the essence of what one might expect from a font born out of a blend of Florentine artistic heritage and contemporary design thinking: a timeless, versatile, and beautifully crafted typeface suitable for a wide range of purposes.
Character map
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Typography times

Copyright (c) 2013 Tipografia Leone Firenze. Tipography times-Regular-2013:2:1. Typography times. 1.0. Tipographytimes-Regular.
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