Ah, Savia Outline, the font that decided it was too cool for school and then became the school everyone wanted to attend. Crafted with the delicate touch of a love-stricken poet and the precision of a Swiss watchmaker by the talented hands at Antipixel, this font does not simply sit on the page; it performs a graceful ballet, leaving onlookers in awe.
Imagine, if you will, each letter of Savia Outline gently outlined with what might seem like an artist’s last stroke of genius — a thin line, a whisper in the world of fonts, where it boldly states, "Look at me, but don’t forget to admire the space around me." It’s like wearing a perfectly tailored suit that subtly says, “Yes, I’m sophisticated, and I didn’t even try.” That’s Savia Outline for you, a masterpiece of understated elegance and a marvelous contradiction — a font that’s both distinctly present and beautifully absent.
Savia Outline is the chameleon of the design world; it can slide into a minimalist art gallery invitation with the ease of a seasoned socialite or pop up on a chic, modern label, whispering tales of mystery and sophistication. It’s not just a font; it’s an experience, a journey into the realm of what design can do when it dances between the lines. Each character in Savia Outline carries its own weight, telling a story, engaging the reader in a subtle yet impactful conversation about beauty, form, and the space that lies in between.
So, if you ever find yourself in the market for a font that can whisper and shout all at the same time, that can carry the weight of history while looking into the future, look no further than Savia Outline by Antipixel. It’s not just a font; it’s a statement.
Character map
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Savia Outline

Personal use only
167 glyphs
Typeface © Antipixel. 2011. All Rights Reserved. Savia Outline:Version 1.00. Savia Outline // ANTIPIXEL.COM.AR. Version 1.00 February 23, 2011, initial release. Julia Martinez Diana. ANTIPIXEL. This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from High-Logic.com. http://www.antipixel.com.ar. Free por Personal Use only
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