The Bazar font by Olinda Martins is a strikingly unique typeface that embodies a blend of whimsical charm and artistic flair. At first glance, Bazar presents itself with a lively irregularity that immediately catches the eye, setting it apart from more traditional fonts. This distinctiveness is primarily due to its hand-drawn qualities, which imbue it with a personal touch and a sense of immediacy. Olinda Martins, the designer, skillfully manages to balance these playful characteristics without sacrificing readability, a testament to her expertise and creativity.
One of the defining features of Bazar is its varied stroke thickness, which adds a dynamic rhythm to the text. This variation mimics the natural inconsistencies found in hand-lettering, giving the font a spontaneous and organic feel. Such a feature makes Bazar especially suitable for projects that aim to convey warmth, friendliness, or an artisanal quality. Its presence on a page can transform the tone of the content, making it more approachable and engaging to the reader.
Another remarkable aspect of Bazar is the subtle quirks found in its letterforms. Each character seems to possess its own personality, with slight twists, turns, and embellishments that add character and depth. Despite these idiosyncrasies, the font maintains a cohesive look, allowing for its application in various contexts, from branding and packaging to editorial and web design. Its versatility is further amplified by its adaptability across sizes, retaining its charm and legibility whether in headers or body text.
Lastly, Bazar's appeal is not only in its visual attractiveness but also in the underlying ethos it conveys. In a digital age dominated by clean, geometrically perfect typefaces, Bazar offers a refreshing return to the human touch, a reminder of the beauty found in imperfection. It's a font that celebrates creativity, inviting designers to infuse their projects with a sense of joy and playfulness. Through Bazar, Olinda Martins provides a tool that goes beyond mere typography—it becomes a medium for expression, connection, and storytelling.
Character map
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Thanks, Alex. The download worked now. I dunno why it didn't when I tried it before.

Unfortunately, it seems like the font is lacking the Scandinavian letters Ø and Å. Strange, really, since Æ is included. Also, there is no ¨ and no ~. Too bad, because it is a cool font that I'd love to use.


Created by Olinda Martins with FontForge 2.0 ( FontForge 2.0 : Bazar : 22-6-2009. Bazar. Version 001.000
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