The Deco Slice font is a captivating typeface that draws inspiration from the bold lines and geometric shapes characteristic of the Art Deco movement, merged seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics. This font stands out for its unique ability to slice through visuals with its sharp, angular lines, delivering a modern twist on the vintage glamour and luxury of the early 20th century. Its name, Deco Slice, aptly reflects its design ethos: a blend of decorative sophistication and edgy, sliced elements that cut through each character with precision.
Deco Slice is distinguished by its highly stylized uppercase letters, which boast a mix of straight and diagonal lines, creating a dynamic and engaging visual rhythm. The use of negative space is strategic, enhancing readability while adding an element of intrigue to the overall design. This approach makes the font particularly versatile, suitable for a range of applications, from bold headlines and logos to stylish promotional material and sophisticated packaging.
Moreover, the Deco Slice font embodies a spirit of elegance and exclusivity, making it a go-to choice for designers seeking to imbue their projects with a sense of luxury and flair. Its modern take on Art Deco design principles allows it to bridge eras, appealing to both nostalgic audiences and contemporary design aficionados. In essence, Deco Slice is not just a font but a design statement, offering a distinctive voice to any project it graces.
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student font project

You should do something to the letter spacing. First get you bearings right and then start thinking about kerning.

Just look at the 'lic', brrrrr ...

ugh, i totally would, but this is a student project that we had to make live by a certain time, and I couldnt figure out the software on how to deal with the kerning.

You started the font as a symbol. That's why all right bearings are fixed. Not complicated to fix though, it is a 2 clicks job. Use auto metrics and set the left bearing at zero and the right bearing at 90.

If you want to further improve you can change the right bearing for the 'r' manually, I suggest somewhere in between 50 and 60 and add kerning for k and x with c, e, o and s.

Nice thingie, bit of cleaning in the horizontal and vertical lines and you're done.

10 minutes: 'r' right bearing at 50, kerning for kc,ke, ko, ks, xc, xe, xo, xs, cx, ox and sx. c, e and o at -80, s at -70.

Deco Slice

Personal use only
26 glyphs
Free for Personal Use. 1.000;pyrs;DecoSlice. Deco Slice. Version 1.000. DecoSlice. Samantha Benoit. Free for personal use..
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