Deco Freehand by S. John Ross is an intriguing font that encapsulates the essence of Art Deco style while infusing it with a personal touch. This font is characterized by its distinctiveness; it's neither purely geometric nor strictly streamlined, but rather, it presents a lively blend of both, punctuated with the warmth of handcrafted design. The hand-drawn qualities of Deco Freehand add a human element to the structured elegance typical of the Art Deco era, making it uniquely versatile and approachable.
The font features clean lines and shapes that are reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s architectural and design movements, with a modern twist that keeps it fresh and contemporary. Each letterform in the Deco Freehand collection is designed with attention to detail, ensuring that the typeface retains its artistic integrity whether it's used for headlines, logos, or decorative texts. The slightly irregular shapes and varying line weights within the font give it a dynamic rhythm, enabling designers to create visually captivating compositions that stand out.
S. John Ross, the creator behind Deco Freehand, has effectively merged the historical Art Deco aesthetics with a loose, informal stroke, resulting in a font that is both nostalgic and novel. It's a typeface that speaks to those looking for something different—a font that carries the sophistication and glamour of a bygone era, yet feels entirely at home in contemporary design. Deco Freehand is more than just a font; it's an artistic statement that provides designers with a tool to add character, elegance, and a personal touch to their projects.
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Deco Freehand

Unknown license
64 glyphs
Copyright (c) S. John Ross, 2001. All rights reserved.. S.JohnRoss: Deco Freehand: 2001. Deco Freehand. 2001; 1.0, initial release. DecoFreehand. Deco Freehand is a trademark of Cumberland Games & Diversions. S. John Ross.
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