Sure thing! Jailbox1 by Dirt2 is a unique font that carries a lot of characters and personality, quite befitting of its intriguing name. This font doesn't just whisper; it shouts, making it perfect for designs that aim to stand out or convey a message with a significant impact. Its design leans towards the unconventional, marrying elements from what you might associate with the rugged, raw markings found in urban settings or even the deliberate etchings reminiscent of something you'd find engraved in a jail cell, hence the name Jailbox1.
The font plays with irregularities, embracing imperfections in a way that adds depth and authenticity to its appearance. Letters might not be uniformly aligned, and their shapes could vary dramatically, giving it a handcrafted feel. This deviation from the norm gives Jailbox1 a distinctive edge, making it a go-to choice for projects that require a bit of edge or grit. Whether it's poster designs, album art, or edgy branding campaigns, Jailbox1 injects a dose of personality that's hard to ignore.
Dirt2, known for creating fonts that push the boundaries of conventional typography, has imbued Jailbox1 with a sense of rebellion and freedom. The font might not be ideal for body text or contexts requiring high legibility, but it shines when used for titles, headers, and any place where its unique character can be fully appreciated without compromising the message. It's the kind of font that doesn't just display text; it tells a story, adding a layer of intrigue and depth to the visual narrative of any project it graces.
Character map
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Personal use only
69 glyphs, 167 kerning pairs
Jailbox1 2009. All Rights Reserved. Jailbox1:Version 1.00. Jailbox1 Version 1.00 May 19, 2009, initial release. Jailbox1. This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from Run from home
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