Korean Calligraphy, known as "Seoye" (서예) in Korean, is not just a font but an art form that embodies the grace, tradition, and aesthetic precision of Korean culture. It is an artistic practice of handwriting the Korean script, Hangul, or sometimes Hanja (Chinese characters used in Korea), with a brush and ink on paper. This style of calligraphy is cherished and practiced with much reverence, mirroring the profound heritage and philosophical depths of Korea.
The essence of Korean Calligraphy lies in its diverse range of styles and expressions, each stroke encapsulating the emotional state and artistic intent of the calligrapher. Unlike a static font, it is dynamic, with variations in thickness, speed, and pressure of the brushwork bringing each character to life in uniquely expressive ways. The beauty of Korean Calligraphy doesn't just rest in the form of each letter but in the harmony and balance achieved within a composition, reflecting principles fundamental to Korean aesthetics.
Traditionally, Korean Calligraphy was not only a means of communication but also a spiritual and meditative practice, aiming to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit of the calligrapher. Today, it has evolved, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary art forms, influencing modern typography and design in Korea and around the world. Korean Calligraphy fonts that you might encounter digitally attempt to capture the fluidity and elegance of hand-brushed characters, offering a stylized nod to this rich artistic tradition. These fonts are often used in design projects that seek to evoke a sense of tradition, elegance, or artistic flair, bringing a touch of Korean heritage into digital and print media.
Character map
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This font is based on 'Hangeul', the Korean alphabet, and reflects calligraphy typeface.

I recommend that you use this font if you want to create an oriental mood.

Korean Calligraphy

www.hijoju.com.2009.Copyleft. Korean Calligraphy: Version 1.00 by hijoju. Korean Calligraphy. Ver.1.00 www.hijoju.com. www.hijoju.com. This font was created using the Font Creator Program 4.5 from High-Logic.com
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