Alright, prepare yourself for a journey into the whimsical world of Oramac, courtesy of the creative cosmos of Iconian Fonts. Imagine, if you will, a font that decided to go on an adventure, mixing the DNA of sci-fi sleekness with the rogue charm of fantasy manuscripts. VoilĂ , you have Oramac!
Oramac is not your average, run-of-the-mill typeface that sits quietly in a corner of your document, sipping tea, and discussing the weather. No, sir. Oramac struts onto your screen with the confidence of a space hero in a cape, ready to turn your mundane project into an epic saga of intergalactic proportions. With its sharp edges and futuristic flair, it whispers secrets of distant galaxies and ancient civilizations, all while effortlessly marrying the elegance of the past with the boldness of tomorrow.
Crafted by the font wizards at Iconian Fonts, Oramac comes fully equipped with an arsenal of characters that are as versatile as they are visually striking. Whether you're crafting the title for the next blockbuster game, designing a logo for a space-age startup, or simply jazzing up your term paper to impress your professor who's probably seen it all, Oramac is your go-to glyph guru.
Furthermore, if fonts had personalities, Oramac would be that enigmatic character from your favorite sci-fi novel who can navigate through asteroid fields with ease and decipher alien languages in a blink. It's the font that, despite its unassuming digital nature, insists on wearing sunglasses at night and has a backstory shrouded in mystery and pixel dust.
In summary, Oramac by Iconian Fonts is not just a typeface; it's an experience. A bold, ambitious, and slightly cheeky one that promises to teleport your design work to dimensions where only the bravest typographers and designers dare to tread. So, buckle up, dear artist, and let Oramac be the co-pilot on your next creative endeavor.
Character map
a c m o r
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Personal use only
5 glyphs
2004 Iconian Fonts - Oramac. Version 1.0; 2004; initial release. Dan Zadorozny
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